Davidson Technologies, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer (M/F/D/V).

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2017-1624-MW: Maintenance Support - Fort Greely, AK
LocationAK, Ft. Greely
ScheduleFull Time
Company1) Davidson Technologies, Inc.
Job Responsibilities

Leads analysis of engineering designs and design changes to determine maintenance/repair requirements, procedures and instructions; provides approval authority. Initiates and guides activities to influence product designs and processes to ensure supportability and maintainability. Guides activities related to the use of fault isolation procedures/techniques and development of systems theory descriptions. Guides analyses to verify the accuracy of complex maintenance/repair data. Develops and provides technical solutions to customers; leads on-site assessment of customers' maintenance operations and develops improvements. Guides the development of complex procedures and techniques to allow users to maintain and repair products. Develops and influences industry regulations and standards.

  • Initiates and guides people and processes to develop fault isolation procedures and techniques that guide end-users to identify faults, trouble-shoot and repair complex systems. Utilizes engineering principles, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), probability and risk analysis that guarantee product reliability, safety and efficiency.
  • Initiates and guides people and processes to create system theory descriptions of operations by analyzing complex product designs (e.g. hydraulics, electrical power, fuel, navigation, communications, flight controls, engines, central maintenance system, fire protection, airframe structure, payloads) and engineering principles to provide understanding of technical systems and components to ensure product reliability and safety.
  • Initiates and guides people and processes to approve the accuracy and efficiency of complex technical product/component maintenance/repair data. Performs engineering analysis to verify (e.g., using tabletop, virtual computer simulations, physical enactment of the maintenance procedure) the technical product/component maintenance/repair data to ensure integrity of the data.
  • Initiates and guides people and processes to develop and provide technical solutions to customers (e.g., airline; maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities; business jets, etc.), to optimize their operations, resolve emergent needs and regulatory compliance issues. Approves the preferred solution to customer technical issues that assure product integrity and safety. Researches, analyzes, and develops new maintenance solutions based on design review and analysis of recurring product support data utilizing engineering expertise.
  • Initiates and guides people and processes to independently develop complex maintenance and repair procedures and techniques that guide end-users to maintain and restore product into usable condition. Utilizes engineering data knowledge, maintenance operational knowledge (e.g., servicing, line maintenance, base maintenance, shop maintenance) and pertinent regulations that guarantee product reliability, safety and efficiency.



Additional Tasks:

  1. Initiates and guides people and processes to influence product designs, processes and initiatives for new and recurring product development programs to ensure supportability/maintainability. Provides recommendations through the use of design principles, engineering specifications, regulatory requirements and maintenance operations requirements.

  2. Leads on-site assessments of customer and supplier maintenance/repair programs by collecting data on customer findings of unusually complex maintenance issues and uses acquired product (e.g. aircraft, rockets, satellites) operations knowledge to develop highly creative maintenance operations solutions.