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004-VDT-XT0-17: System Administrator
LocationXT01 - Qatar, Doha
City (if not listed above)
CompanyVista Defense
Date Opened1/5/2017
Position ScheduleFull Time

The Systems Administrator will be responsible for following, completing and evaluating the Test Readiness Review Checklist for the SE Validation and CA/GTA environment for the purpose of testing releases in different environments. This will include:

  • Domain Controllers for each network
  • Web Application and Database Servers
  • Establishes and implements standards for computer operations for compatibility between hardware and software, according to specifications and parameters.
  • Troubleshoots and resolves software, operating system, and networking problems.
  • Schedules, performs, and monitors system backups and, when necessary, performs data recoveries.
  • Responsibilities differ from those of an Operating Systems Programmer in that the Systems Administrator is not responsible for altering operating system's software codes.
  • Recommends hardware and software upgrades according to growth statistics and disk space forecasts.
  • Schedules, plans, and performs system upgrades, including coordinating the transition from test to production environments.
  • Schedules tasks using software support tools and scripts.
  • Configures hardware, such as workstations, printers, servers, and tape devices.
  • Provides technical support for system users. System Administrators will operate and maintain the software applications lab environmentsand must be qualified system administrators and database administrators, trained in utilizing the current version of customer applications.

Major Responsibilities:

  • All Helpdesk duties, as required
  • Administration, troubleshooting and maintenance of common-platform NIPR/SIPR/CXI servers.
  • Perform daily system server backups, hardware/software installation and upgrades. Data backups will consist of a weekly full backup and daily incremental.
  • A full data backup recovery will be implemented and tested at a minimum of annually (per calendar year). A formal report will be provided to the COR (Contracting Officer’s Representative) with the results of the tests and any issues encountered.
  • Monitor the overall performance of IS systems and databases and provides assistance in resolving issues.
  • Implement and report Information Assurance Vulnerability Management(IAVM) compliance IAW (In Accordance With) established CENTCOM/ARCENT/NETCOM policy.
  • Document the physical configuration of information system(s) at each serviced client location.
  • Maintain Server/PC performance, availability, capacity and configuration; initiate corrective or preventive actions, such as increasing disk or memory capacity to improve performance.
  • Maintain server integrity and availability.
  • Prepare and establishes network access protocols to enable end users to gain local access.
  • Report all server outages to the COR or brigade/battalion S6 within an hour of an outage.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in CS (Computer Science) or a closely-related discipline and 5 years’ experience in systems administration over one or more networks consisting of various databases.
5 years’ experience in systems administration over one or more networks consisting of various databases.
Special Requirements/Certifications
  • Must possess an active and valid Governmental security clearance.
  • Requires CompTIA Security + certification.
  • This is a deployed position. Employee candidates must be able to commit to a term of service no less than six months and up to twelve months in total.
  • Employee candidates, with the exception of completely qualified incumbent employees, will be required to attend pre and post-deployment preparatory training though CRC (CONUS Replacement Center, Ft. Bliss, Texas).
  • Employee candidates must possess a current United States Passport valid for at least six months past the end of deployment.
  • Employee candidates should be prepared to bear the cost of the pre-deployment physical as well as any other expenses related to vaccinations, prescription supplies, additional corrective lenses, other non-prescription medications, any other medical needs necessary for at least six months of sustained deployment.
  • Employee candidates should clearly understand that some of the worksites, within this contracted effort, are located in countries and regions where armed conflict or unstable environments are an ongoing concern. Employees will be expected to exercise significant care in protecting themselves during the term of deployment.
  • Work visa rules for each country covered within this contracted effort vary by country. Employee candidates should be aware that in some countries, additional physicals and other requirements must be met in order to qualify for a work visa for that particular country. Once the employee has been deployed, VDT will be responsible for the cost of any subsequent physicals or other country-specific costs as they relate to country-specific work visas.
  • Employees will be expected to respect and abide by the cultural norms and regulations of each host country.  Employees will also be expected to strictly comply with all behavioral, cultural, safety, and security constraints of military bases where they will be working.  Violation of country-specific or base-specific customs, rules, and regulations could result in immediate termination and subsequent demobilization, legal charges, and costs associated with any violations
Physical Requirements
Employee candidates must be in good physical and psychological condition. Employee candidates will be required to pass a pre-deployment physical and have the appropriate United States vaccinations relevant to the country of their deployment.